Cyd Tran

DJ, Producer, Wellness Coach and Pax City Co-Founder, Cyd Tran and also known as DJ CYD. She is passionate about the art of music and giving back. CYD is a highly demanded Washington, D.C based DJ. DJ CYD has spun for celebrities and people from all walks of life, headlined at prestigious clubs and performed at fashion, music and charity events. She is one of the most versatile DJs with her vast knowledge of music showcasing her energetic open-format style, which has been well received with clients that have endorsed her.

When she is not moving the dance floor crowd, she is coaching clients around their health & wellness and is running a household with an infant and toddler. She also collaborates with local organizations in helping mentor young children and teens. DJ CYD says “I find true happiness in making others smile and helping them find their inner strength. I know that my purpose is to help people create their destiny.” Hence, CYD is the acronym for Create Your Destiny.