Pax City Benefits

In our effort to create content that supports larger movements for progress, it is also important to continue to build our community in a way that we can support and enrich each other.


Exclusive Gigs

Many organizations have pledged to support certain issues and communities. Pax City partners with them to create content that is impactful to their audience.

Content Development

Community members are invited to collaborate on original projects. Pax City then connects sponsorship and partnership to support production.

Pax City Features

Community members are included in a preferred talent pool for placement in all current and future Pax City productions.

Creative Tools

Pax City members have access to a large library of samples, instrumentals, photography, and video clips for usage in their projects.

Pax City Events

Pax City creates both virtual and live events that range from educational to creatively inspirational.

Your New Network

Pax City has handpicked creators from a range of communities as a foundation. This ensures the content and community benefit from a diverse cultural perspective.