Pax City Access Tokens

Entrance in to Pax City is only granted to those with Pax City Access Tokens ($PXTC).  These tokens can be collected in the Pax City Showcase Room, at Pax City events, or by obtaining certain operational roles within the community.

Social tokens are branded digital currency that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. $PXTC can not be purchased on any cryptocurrency exchanges.

To begin collecting $PXTC and gain Pax City membership, follow the steps below:

  1.  Create a wallet with our partners at Roll.  Click here to begin.
  2.  Collect tokens by interacting with content in the Showcase Room. or at a Pax City event.
  3.  Join the Pax City Discord where you will receive more information on how to work with the community and take advantage of the benefits Pax City has to offer.  Also available is more information on $PXTC, social tokens, and web3 technology.