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An Introduction

Pax City began with our desire to create a platform for people to enact solutions to problems and issues that affect our community.

The team around this project have backgrounds as creative professionals and want to build a community that involves artists from a range of disciplines.  Pax City not only supports activists, organizations, and artists in their endeavors, but also builds cohesion across cultural bridges through creative collaboration.

Pax City Benefits

In our effort to create content that supports larger movements for progress, it is also important to continue to build our community in a way that we can support and enrich each other.


Exclusive Gigs

Many organizations have pledged to support certain issues and communities. Pax City partners with them to create content that is impactful to their audience.

Content Development

Community members are invited to collaborate on original projects. Pax City then connects sponsorship and partnership to support production.

Pax City Features

Community members are included in a preferred talent pool for placement in all current and future Pax City productions.

Creative Tools

Pax City members have access to a large library of samples, instrumentals, photography, and video clips for usage in their projects.

Pax City Events

Pax City creates both virtual and live events that range from educational to creatively inspirational.

Your New Network

Pax City has handpicked creators from a range of communities as a foundation. This ensures the content and community benefit from a diverse cultural perspective.

Pax City Access Tokens

Entrance in to Pax City is only granted to those with Pax City Access Tokens ($PXTC).  These tokens can be collected in the Pax City Showcase Room, at Pax City events, or by obtaining certain operational roles within the community.

Social tokens are branded digital currency that lives on the Ethereum blockchain. $PXTC can not be purchased on any cryptocurrency exchanges.

To begin collecting $PXTC and gain Pax City membership, follow the steps below:

  1.  Create a wallet with our partners at Roll.  Click here to begin.
  2.  Collect tokens by interacting with content in the Showcase Room. or at a Pax City event.
  3.  Join the Pax City Discord where you will receive more information on how to work with the community and take advantage of the benefits Pax City has to offer.  Also available is more information on $PXTC, social tokens, and web3 technology.


Partners, Sponsors, Supporters, & Allies

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, Pax City is uniquely positioned to work with organizations in a range of ways including:

•  Pax City operates as a creative agency and our community members help organizations create and manage branded prosocial content campaigns.

•  Pax City creates original content aimed at certain communities and issues.  This content makes a natural partner for like-minded organizations. These organizations can then partner with a particular project that addresses their outreach needs.

•  Pax City is a female-led organization, and the majority of our creators come from underrepresented and often-maligned communities.  We seek grants, community-wide sponsorship, and investment for those who wish to support artists as well as our mission to build cohesion between communities through creative partnership.

Cyd Tran

DJ, Producer, Wellness Coach and Pax City Co-Founder, Cyd Tran and also known as DJ CYD. She is passionate about the art of music and giving back. CYD is a highly demanded Washington, D.C based DJ. DJ CYD has spun for celebrities and people from all walks of life, headlined at prestigious clubs and performed at fashion, music and charity events. She is one of the most versatile DJs with her vast knowledge of music showcasing her energetic open-format style, which has been well received with clients that have endorsed her.

When she is not moving the dance floor crowd, she is coaching clients around their health & wellness and is running a household with an infant and toddler. She also collaborates with local organizations in helping mentor young children and teens. DJ CYD says “I find true happiness in making others smile and helping them find their inner strength. I know that my purpose is to help people create their destiny.” Hence, CYD is the acronym for Create Your Destiny.

Drew Gray

Originally from Washington D.C., Drew Gray began his career in media at MTV Networks.  While working in production, he had the opportunity to work with and learn from enormously creative individuals.  Not only the artists he produced content with but his colleagues he met while at MTV Tempo, mtvU, BET, VH1, and other networks under the MTVN umbrella.

From there Drew went onto be a Creative Director at one of the longest running independently owned studios in Manhattan, Smash Studios.  While still creating tons on content around artists, he also began working on a lot of commercial and industrial projects and has created content for a range of organizations including: US Navy, Walmart, State Farm Insurance, and many smaller non-profit organizations and businesses.

Most recently Drew has worked with his own commercial production company and began planting seeds and developing what would eventually become Pax City.

Poet Taylor

Producer / Host WPGC (CBS/Viacom – Washington D.C.) – more to come…

Mollie Q. Coleman

Mollie Q. Coleman is a growth & brand strategist, socially driven entrepreneur, and experiential marketing professional with over 10+ years in her industry. The foundation of her work comes from her entrepreneurial spirit. She is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of High Caliber Events, VP of Marketing of, formerly Chief Brand Officer of Build Your Own Brand Inc, and CMO of Get Hemp Butter.

Her background is diverse having worked in the corporate world as a paralegal and operations for a major real estate firm, previously a Sales Director for The Washington Post, which eventually lead her to finding her passion in marketing. As a growth strategist and champion for your brand; she consults businesses by creating tactical and highly immersive
marketing campaign experiences to help you stand out and stay innovative.

Patricia De Lima

Producer / Host El Zol (CBS/Viacom – Washington D.C.) – more to come…

Thank You For Your Consideration

For more please contact us @:

  1. The Pax City DiscordA destination that serves as a virtual meeting place for both community members and people who are generally interested in the project.  There you will find more information about Pax City, current projects, and how we integrate web3 technologies like social tokens to help us manage and create opportunities for our members and partners.
  2. The project social links (scroll to footer) and socials on our team pages if you’d like to connect with a particular player.
  3. The form.  No solicitations please.